Not Going Gently is an epic word tale of survival as an ordinary / extraordinary couple take on a foolhardy retirement dream. The journeys themselves weren’t epic ‐ sailing the canals of England, Wales, France, Belgium and Holland ‐ it’s who they were and how they did it that makes this a remarkable story of death-defying survival and life‐enhancing older age. Colin and Yvonne Wright start with no boating experience and not much physical aptitude either. Their three canal boats are more odd shape than ship‐shape, with tendencies to leak copiously or conk out at inopportune moments. Not Going Gently is a beautifully written and often hilarious account of the joys they found and the dangers they survived in nearly two decades of canal‐boating and being marooned for months in a French boatyard during the hottest summer on record. The story builds as each season’s boating is recalled from diary notes and letters written to friends.

339pp Illustrated Soft back Price £12.99 ‐ available by enquiry to info@furtherthought.co.uk