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Reading ‘Til I Die ‐ a collection of supporters’ tales curated by the STAR (the Supporters’ Trust) C100pp Soft back Illustrated plentifully in colour.

Price £10 ‐ contact info@furtherthought.co.uk

The Legend of Robin Friday by Roger Titford. 64pp Soft back Illustrated in colour

Price £10 but alas currently out of print.

More Than A Job? by Roger Titford with Eamon Dunphy (1992) ‐ a player’s and a fan’s perspectives on a promotion season (1975‐76). A kind of sequel to Dunphy’s famed classic Only A Game.
Lively, interesting and well-written”. Brian Glanville.

128pp Soft back.
Price £6.50 incl p+p - contact info@furtherthought.co.uk